A Good Experience with a Local Landscape Company

The following recounts an experience from a friend who moved to the Lake this past year. We have had quite an influx of new residents. So I thought this would make a fitting post to serve as a warning to new people moving to the area. This is my friend’s story.

Bad Experience with a Contractor

“Recently, I moved from my home in Chicago to the Lake of the Ozarks. In preparation for this move, I decided to enhance my new home and property with the help of a local landscaping company. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a terrible experience.

The company I hired was very unprofessional. They did not show up on time for our initial consultation and were not prepared to discuss my vision for the project. Furthermore, they did not seem to know how to manage Lake of the Ozarks landscaping. I’m wondering if they are also new to the local area. They didn’t seem to understand how to handle all the large rocks in my backyard. Plus, they put in plants that we later learned will thrive in this climate.

Throughout the project, there were constant issues. The workers would show up late or not at all. The work that was completed was often sloppy and did not meet my high standards. In addition, the company was constantly trying to upsell me on additional services and products.

At the end of the project, I was extremely disappointed with the results. The company had not enhanced my home and property but had actually made it look worse! I will not recommend this company to anyone and will be sure to spread the word about my experience. And while I cannot name the company for possible legal repercussions, I can tell you the good that came from it.

Finding Good CoOntractors at Lake of the Ozarks

To repair the damage done by the unprofessional landscapers, my wife and I asked some friends about their landscapes to learn who performed the work for them. After getting some names, we searched the internet and checked out some different landscape companies. 

After a couple of consultations, we hired Heartland Landscape Group out of Osage Beach. We were so impressed with the people at Heartland that we confidently hired them. Even though we live way out in the boonies near Gravois Mills, they arrived as scheduled and on time. 

The long and short of the story is that they fixed all the shoddy work done and did a great job for us. I want to highly recommend them, so I asked to have our story written. 

To all the other new residents here, just be sure to do your due diligence in interviewing and hiring ANY contractors in this area. We have since learned that many “contractors” here don’t know what they’re doing and are willing to take advantage of the new folks. They would have never survived in the city where I used to live. So best of luck, and be careful!”

– Jack Stewart, retired accountant


I was eager to share Jack’s story because I had a similar experience when I moved here and have heard plenty of stories like this one. I love the Lake and want to help promote good companies for better experiences. If you have companies or know of small business startups by good people that you feel good about recommending, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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